Agrisilos Srl has been the leading manufacturer in the above ground pools area for more than 30 years. The great innovating ability together with the original approach to the product characterized Agrisilos activity during the years.

Agrisilos is now the more dynamic firm in this field, and a reference point in all the market of above ground pools. All this happened thanks to its philosophy aimed at reaching and applying an easy technology for the final user. Agrisilos Srl introduced revolutionary concepts, successful patented products and the Piscine Laghetto brand known all over the world.

The beginning of the new millennium has been for all the business the starting point for a new commercial and planning challenge: the development of a new product and the decision to enter the market of SPAS.

Agrisilos Srl made this step respecting its philosophy, but with a totally original approach, so that it has been possible to define a new concept of SPA. Idromas introduces some new concepts (lightness, versatility, and easiness of transport) and gives a new definition to some others (high technology, low consumptions, low costs).

Agrisilos is in the van, and all its processes, from design through production to sale, follow the rigid quality systems demanded by ISO 9001:2000 normative law. Agrisilos Srl pays attention also to the environment with its photovoltaic installation, for the production of clean energy, one of the biggest in the north of Italy functioning in the factory in Vescovato (CR).
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