In the digital and virtual age, men need more and more to bring their rhythm of life back to moderate and natural ones. To regenerate oneself and rediscover “water culture” you just need a few moments.

Hydromassage is the most suitable way to approach physical and mental well-being, health and relaxation after a hard working day, sports or stress. Bathe into the spa thinking to relaxation, and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of the air and water jets combined massage.
Let your senses get involved by listening to relaxing music, smelling perfumed essences, closing your eyes, just to forget the everyday routine. Concentrate on the massaging effect on your body and listen to your muscles reactions;

health and well-being sensation will wrap your body up.
To make your bath really pleasant, here are some suggestions:

1. set the temperature between 32° and 37° C.
2. adjust jets pressure so that it is not too strong.
3. do not use your spa more than 20 minutes per day.

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