It’s a common notion that 20 minutes per day are sufficient to enjoy hydrotherapy and massotherapy combined benefits. Spa jets system, when correctly directed, hits and stimulates the more sensitive parts of the body, such as legs, back, cervical zone, stimulating body fluids circulation.
Air and water jets action generates a solicitation of the circulatory and muscular system as well as a purifying action for your skin.

Hydromassage action favours muscular relaxation, an improvement of venous circulation and the removal of accumulated toxins.
Stimulating the blood and lymphatic circulation it slows down wrinkles formation and
cellular ageing.
The spa jets act all over the body with an aesthetic and skin-reinforcing effect, opposing cellulitis formation and helping internal fluids resorption, so that
your skin will appear more tonic, smooth and pure.

Hydromassage action favours body and mind relaxation; jets massage pressure stimulates endorphins release, stimulating nervous fibres and generating a sensation of pleasure and relaxation for all your senses.

health and well-being sensation will wrap your body up.
To make your bath really pleasant, here are some suggestions:

1. set the temperature between 32° and 37° C.
2. adjust jets pressure so that it is not too strong.
3. do not use your spa more than 20 minutes per day.

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